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As They Gathered is a valuable organization to the community because we work off of donations of money, food, clothing and equipment with 100% of all donations used to directly assist people in need. Food and clothing are directly distributed to the needy in an organized manner and money is used to purchase wholesale goods to use and distribute. We are a community of volunteers that give time, money and goods in return for a better community. Your corporate partnership gives you and us the opportunity to help more people, more efficiently! We are the white glove distributors of donated goods directly to those in need while as a partner you may be able to help spread the word or donate some of your labor, money or goods to allow us to reach more people. We are always looking for more corporate partnerships. We would like to offer each partner the ability to become a co-brand on select marketing campaigns and materials as a sponsor/partner/facilitator. If you have a creative idea we’d love to hear it! If you would like to partner with us please email

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